We are redefining


by focusing on the economic, ecologic and social function of our operation.

Our three sustainable pillars...

Economically Focused

Cattle fit naturally into this environment with its diversity of vegetation types and over 4,000 feet change in elevation. The conversion of grass to beef on rocky, dry sparse rangelands is the most economically sustainable use of our land. Marketing our beef directly to the consumer has insulated us from price swings and non-profitable years so common in the normal cattle business. Attention to detail, long term planning, frugal spending, and a consumer direct market are the recipe for economic sustainability.

Mule deer buck

Environmentally Focused

We are proud of the abundance of diverse wildlife species that share the landscape with our cattle, horses and ranch families. We are proactive in finding solutions to challenging resource issues. Clean water and air, beautiful scenery, open space, healthy fish and wildlife species are important outcomes of our management strategies. Through cooperative projects with a multitude of agencies and interested groups and individuals, we are able to ensure healthy ecosystems on our private land as well as our permitted public lands.

Roaring Springs Sunset

Community Focused

We recognize the important role we play as resource managers and food producers for our urban friends and customers. We are confident about our land and resource stewardship and are willing to share our achievements, directions, failures and opportunities. We value the input of others and seek opinions on issues that are relevant and important. Communicating the needs of beef consumers, public land users, policy makers, voters and all who share our love for the USA is a responsibility we take seriously.

Learn more about Roaring Springs Ranch...

The Catlow Valley has been home to generations of ranchers.

Leaving a legacy for the generations to come…

Roaring Springs Ranch cares about the environment in which it operates, the cattle we produce and the individuals and communities that support ranch operations. We want this Ranch to be managed by future generations. This is why the Ranch follows BeefCARE standards – a third party audit which ensures high standards are kept. Learn more by clicking the button below. 

Founded in 1872, the Roaring Springs Ranch is full of history…

Cattle King, Pete French, first came upon this land in 1872 and we utilize some of the same ranching practices he did. Around that time, many towns were established in the Catlow Valley. The legacy of those individuals who have lived here and worked for the Ranch is evident in the land we manage. Click the button below to learn more about Roaring Springs history. 

Buckaroos for the "P" Ranch back in the 1890s.
Sage-grouse are one of the many species the Ranch monitors.

At Roaring Springs, we invest in the conservation of the land…

With over one million acres of public and private land, the Roaring Springs Ranch collaborates with state and federal agencies to ensure that our farming practices are safe to the wildlife and their environment. We hire a full-time wildlife biologist to monitor the wildlife as well as invest in various projects to improve the land. Click the button below to learn more about our conservation efforts. 

Welcome to the American West…

The Ranch has about 60 brood mares that are run on the range alongside the cattle. We are proud of the foundation and bloodlines that are adherent in our horse program. Our horses are all bred to perform both inside and outside the arena. The fact that we keep several different studs in the cycle gives us the opportunity to select and breed the right mares with the right studs to create a premier horse program. We have an annual horse sale in December. Click the button below for more details about the sale.


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