Roaring Springs holds to high standards...

Roaring Springs cattle enjoying a pleasant afternoon on the Ranch.

The standards behind the cattle…

Over the years, the Ranch has received a significant amount of certifications due to various practices such as: Age Verification, NHTC, Verified Natural Beef, and of course, BeefCARE.

BeefCARE is a third-party audit that ensures certain beef standards are being kept within a given operation. There are three pillars that BeefCARE focuses on: Animal Husbandry, Environmental Stewardship and Community. We pride ourselves in serving the highest quality to consumers based off of BeefCARE standards.

Important things to take note of...

Stacy at Steens Mtn

Steens Mtn. Cooperative Management and Protection Act

In 2000, the government passed this Act in order to protect the Steens and its surrounding areas. Roaring Springs Ranch Manager, Stacy Davies, played a pivotal role in the passing of this Act. This effort was made in order to conserve the beautiful Steens Mountain Wilderness Area by prohibiting certain commercial and ranching practices to take place on the land (or requiring permits to do so in designated areas). Now, individuals may enjoy various scenic and recreational activities amid the Steens Mountain.

Public Land & Private Portions

How was land acquired? The Homestead Act of 1862 gave individuals the right to claim up to 160 acres of surveyed government land over the western United States. This resulted in various parcels of private land divided between public land. Today, Roaring Springs Ranch operates and manages over ONE million acres of private and public land in the Catlow Valley and surrounding areas.

Wild Horses & Collaborative Work

We work closely with the Bureau of Land Management to monitor wild horse populations that cross the Ranch. There are three grazing allotments: Kiger HMA, South Steens HMA and Beatys Butte HMA. You can learn more about what the agency does to take care of wild horses by visiting their website: https://www.blm.gov/whb

The Ranch employs buckaroos to take care of the cattle...